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A bit more about TumbleSeed

TumbleSeed is a deceptively deep roguelike about balancing a seed up a dangerous and ever-changing mountain.

Roll up a procedurally generated mountain avoiding holes and defeating corrupted creatures in this dual-stick action balance game. Grow powerful with upgrades, meet new friends and master the art of rolling to reach the peak and save your home.

TumbleSeed features 5 unique worlds, over 30 powers to acquire and master over the course of each run, a daily challenge to compete with your friends or globally and many more surprises, secrets and adventures. Here are a few TumbleSeed's powers:


This is your default attack from the start, you always have it. It's tough to use and is a bit of a risk, but in the right hands sometimes it's all you need.


Sometimes things get a little too hot and you have to escape. SpringSeed lets you fly above danger so you can settle somewhere safer. It also pairs well with dangerous offensive seeds like BombBud, Maneater, LaserTrap and more!


Holes are everywhere in TumbleSeed. StormSeed calls down a rain cloud and fills in holes with buckets of rain water. It's another seed that pairs well with dangerous offensive seeds like MaceSeed, ThornThrowers and more!